Department of Greek

The Department of Greek was founded in 1995 and is one of the three departments that consist the Faculty of Classical Studies and Humanities, the other two being the Department of History and Ethnology and the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture of the Black Sea Countries.

The Department is dedicated to the study and research of the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Modern Greek language and literature. Its goal is to equip students with the knowledge that will allow them to study and appreciate the Greek and Latin cultures, which are the cornerstone of all expressions of western civilization. In addition, it aims at providing students with the essential knowledge and skills that will advance their scientific and professional career.

Undergraduate students can choose one of the following three areas of specialization:

  1. Classics (Greek and Latin)
  2. Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology
  3. Linguistics (courses will begin in the academic year 2018-2019)

The M.A. Program offers the choice between: Ancient Greek Philology, Latin Philology, Papyrology, Byzantine Philology, Modern Greek Philology. Upon completing their M.A. degree, students may pursue a Ph.D. degree.